The Tempest's Box

Amethyst Ore

Table of Contents
  1. Obtaining
    1. Natural Generation
    2. Breaking
  2. Data Values
    1. ID
  3. Gallery


Natural Generation

Amethyst Ore can generate in the Overworld in the form of mineral veins. Amethyst Ore has an 20% chance of spawning per chunk in veins of sizes 1 to 8, from altitudes 1 to 30, in all biomes.


If broken with a pickaxe, they break quickly and drop some experience.


Amethyst Ore

Hardness 5
Breaking time
 Default  25
 Wooden  3.75
 Stone  1.9
 Iron  1.25
 Diamond  0.95
 Netherite  0.85
 Golden  0.65

Data Values


Name Namespaced ID Translation Key

Amethyst Ore

amethyst_ore block.ttb.amethyst_ore
Amethyst Ore in a cave