The Tempest's Box


Table of Contents
  1. Interface
  2. Modifications
    1. Ascension
    2. Reduction
    3. Mysteriosity
    4. Wire Color

Machines are an integral TTB feature, which allow you to automate even more vanilla processes!


All TTB machines that have a UI consist of 1 slot for wire color modification and 5 slots for modification crystals.


A machine’s UI contains 5 modification slots to the right. These can contain any combination of Amethyst, Vulcaanium, or Mysterious Crystals in order to modify how the machine works.


Machines can be ascended by placing Vulcaanium Crystals in any modification slot. Ascending a machine enhances its abilities, such as making a Breaker break more blocks, or an Acronite Cage throw further.

An ascension maxed-out Breaker


Machines can be reduced by placing Amethyst Crystals in any modification slot. Reducing a machine reduces its Tempite cost by a certain amount.

A reduction maxed-out Alchemy Chamber will cost 14 Tempite as opposed to the default 44 Tempite


Machines can be made ‘mysterious’ by placing Mysterious Crystals in any modification slot. Making a Machine mysterious will alter its abilities to be more useful or drastically more effective, such as an Alchemy Chamber throwing the Wither effect instead of the default Poison effect.

Note that mysteriosity is a toggle as opposed to a scale, so placing more than 1 Mysterious Crystal inside a machine will have no extra effect

Wire Color

Machines can be made to only be powered by a certain wire color. This can be done by placing a colored pane in the leftmost slot.

This Acronite Cage will only be powered by Tempite Wire flowing through Red Stained Glass