The Tempest's Box

Tempite Stone

Table of Contents
  1. Obtaining
    1. Breaking
    2. Tempite Insulator
    3. Crafting
  2. Usage
    1. Tempite component
    2. Redstone component
    3. Breaking
  3. Data Values
    1. ID
  4. Gallery



Due to technical limitations, all blocks with a custom UI are underlyingly barrels, meaning they have wooden properties.

Tempite Insulator

When a Tempite Insulator is placed on a Tempite Stone, it will hiss three times before breaking with a small explosion, dropping itself and the Tempite Stone.




Tempite component

Using a Hopper, you can feed a Tempite Stone Amethyst. For every 1 Amethyst, 1000 Tempite is added to the Tempite Stone. The maximum amount of Tempite that can be in a Tempite Stone is 64000.

Redstone component

When a Tempite Stone is activated, any adjacent glass blocks will be powered with Tempite, sending out a wire-like charge. If this charge hits a machine’s back, the machine will be powered.


When broken in any way, the Tempite Stone will drop its Tempite in the form of Amethyst, at a ratio of 1000:1. This is rounded down by Minecraft, so if there’s 999 Tempite, it will drop no Amethyst.

Data Values


Name Namespaced ID Translation Key

Tempite Stone

A Tempite Stone getting powered without any Tempite

Tempite Stone action bar Tempite display